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School of Humanities 

1. Karen Resnick

2. Lexi Perez

3. Kaylee Yocum 


Top 3 in the School of Social Sciences 

Team of Madhuri Venkateswar, Jacob Jaffe, Carolina Osuna, and Jan Dudek

Mackenzie Nettlow

Team of Dylan Dickens, Jake Krause, Lauren Howe-Kerr, and Chynna Foucek.


Top 4 in the School of Natural Sciences 

Peter Cabeceiras

Ibrahim Akbar

Marie-Therese Valovska

Moez Dawood

Top 4 Solo Projects in the School of Engineering 

Ken Groszman

Joao Ascensao

Erin Anderson

Veronica Gough

Best Group Project in the School of Engineering 

Team of Pooja Yesantharao, Linh Nguyen, Yara Aboshady, Carlos Carames, Michael Gwede 


The Baylor College of Medicine EMS Collaborative Research Group Award   

1. Emily Huang

2. Team of Ryan Pappal and Mohammad Alsheikh-Kassim


Center for Civic Leadership Prize  

Team of Madhuri Venkatewkar, Jacob Jaffe, Carolina Osuna, and Jan Dudek


Center for Energy and Environmental Research in the Human Sciences Prize

Team of Nick Thorpe, Kelsey Walker, and Sea Hoon Kim


Chao Center for Asian Studies Prizes  

Justin Park

Karen Resnick


Howard Hughes Medical Institute Prize  

Nikola Dyulgyarov

Humanities Research Center Prizes  

1. Lexi Perez

2. Hurst Williamson


K21 Prizes  

1. Molly Cisneros

2. Team of Dylan Dickens, Jake Krauss, Lauren Howe-Kerr, Chynna Foucek

3. Team of Stephan Xia, Momona Yamagami, Tianyi Yao

Rice Neuroscience Prizes 

1. Ibrahim Akbar

2. Daniel Connolly

3. Lucy Lai


Rice Space Institute Prize  

Team of Chris Chuckran, Neel Radia, Tealim Roh, Jeffrey Tsang, Gustavo Villarreal 


Rice 360Institute for Global Health Technologies Award  

Team of Matthew Stampfl, Katherine Li, Wei Shi, Angela Liao, and Erika Danckers, Qiuyi Wu. 


The Shell Center for Sustainability Awards 

1. Pooja Yesantharao

2. Beineng Zhang

3. Team of Madhuri Venkateswar, Jacob Jaffe, Carolina Osuna, and Jan Dudek 


The Smalley Institute Prizes for Nanotechnology  

1. Rachel Lim

2. Joann Pan

3. Angel Garces


The Jenessa Shapiro Student Choice Award  

Adeola Adegabi