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Participating in research, design, and creative projects with distinguished faculty on and off-campus can be a valuable component of your Rice education. Imagine the thrill of exploring answers to open-ended questions, the benefits of close mentorship from a faculty member, and the satisfaction of your first publication! Our office works with departments and programs on and off-campus to help you achieve this vision. Through research fairs, the undergraduate research database, and individual consultation, we help you identify formative and substantive research experiences at Rice and beyond, and advise you how to approach a faculty member and develop a research proposal. We make sure you are aware of internal and external funding to support institutional, domestic, and international research, and we offer a 0 credit course that enables your research experience to be recorded on your transcript. By sponsoring research symposia, encouraging publication, and administering Century Scholars and the Rice Undergraduate Scholars Program, we teach you how to communicate your results and expose you to the expectations of a research career. 


The searchable on- and off-campus research opportunity databases house current research opportunities for undergraduate students submitted by individual Rice and Texas Medical Center faculty.

The undergraduate programs list includes links to research, service, and internship program opportunities for undergraduates through Rice University, as well as through academic and non-academic organizations in Houston and other US or international locations.